NEW Solid Opaque Thigh High Colors for 2011!

Thigh Highs for FallAs we all know, Thigh Highs have been one of the greatest hosiery fashion trends in 2010. We have seen them on the runways of major fashion shows, on the streets of local communities, and in every fashion magazine. Based on the latest trend forecast, this fun fashion accessory will continue into 2011. Yeah!  The Solid Opaque Thigh Highs are so much fun because they work so well with knee high boots or layered with shorter boots like Uggs that seem to be getting us through yet another cold season.

Thigh Highs can be sexy, comfortable, warm, and fashionable at the same time.

Why are Thigh Highs great?

They can be worn alone or layered and are a great solution to wear with your short dresses, demin skirts and shorts, or peeking over the top of a great pair of boots. In keeping with the layered look, why not layer them over solid tights, or layer over the Thigh Highs with leg warmers? For a more classic look, let your Thigh Highs create a long leggy look and extend over your boots and over your knees for added color and texture.  The possibilities are endless particularly with the newest colors for this season and beyond.
Check out the following new colors that just arrived at our warehouse:

New OTK Colors

Don’t be afraid to mix your new colors with your current tights, boots, and shoes, Have fun and enjoy this ongoing legwear trend!

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