The PERFECT Gift Certificate

How many times do you get a gift and even though you love the giver, the gift is just not right for you.  You then have to decide whether to return it or just keep it so as not to hurt the giver’s feelings, then never use it, wear it, eat it, or just regift it.

The PERFECT gift is one that you know the receiver will be able to use.

At Foot Traffic we offer a gift certificate that takes the worry out of gift giving because who doesn’t need legwear and socks?!?

Gift Certificate

We offer something for everyone on your gift list, from natural bamboo socks, to fashion hosiery and comfy legwarmers. We have hundreds of fun and fashion legwear items to choose from so you can be assured that the recipient will get exactly what they want.  It’s so easy.

How to buy and use a Foot Traffic’s Perfect Gift Certificate…

First, go to Foot Traffic’s Gift Certificate product page

From here you have 2 Options to choose from:

1) Order a hard copy gift certificate, where you enter the amount you want put into the account and Foot Traffic physically sends you a gift certificate in the mail for you to give.

2) Order an electronic version of the gift certificate and Foot Traffic will e-mail the digital gift certificate to whomever you choose with the amount of the gift indicated with a message from you.

Happy Holiday Gift Shopping!

Striped Opaque Thigh HighsSneaker Slipper SocksOver-the-shoe Leg WarmersLeopard Textured Tights

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