When we think of lace we usually associate it with our most intimate apparel such as lingerie or nightwear. No longer do we hide this girly accent! Lace is now a delightful fashion focus that is fully exposed whether on a dress, scarf, skirt, or legwear.

Lace Inspiration

Lace it up!!

At Foot Traffic we offer great lace for great legs that can be worn by the most adventurous, romantic, or tailored fashionista.

Lace adds that creative accent that so easily says modern, feminine and sassy and looks great under pants, skirts, or dresses.

At FT we have a great selection of lacy trouser socks, tights, and thigh highs. With one quick change to your lacy legwear, you can go from the office to a night out, looking sexy and sassy.

So ladies—LACE IT UP!

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