lime fuzzy sockThere is nothing more comforting than a fuzzy pair of warm socks.

Our Microfiber Fuzzy Socks and Microfiber Fuzzy Toesocks are as soft as rabbit hair and will keep your feet feeling luxuriously pampered.

Putting on a pair of them for a winter walk, or just lounging around will make your feet feel amazing.

Do you struggle with deciding what to give as a thoughtful, fun gift for a friend or family member?  Did you know that socks are a perfect gift? 
 Why? Because…..

  • Socks always fit
  • Socks are useful
  • Socks are pampering and comforting
  • Socks are fun
  • Socks are easy to send to someone
  • Socks are personal and soft
  • Socks are great for teens to adults

When a friend was recently in the hospital, her feet were always cold so she wore a pair of the socks provided by the hospital, However, when I gave her a pair of our pink Microfiber Fuzzy Socks, she said it was the best comforting gift she got.

Santa Socks w/Faux Fur

Fuzzy Santa Socks!

Whether you are giving gifts to your office friends, family, neighbors, or to cheer someone up, give a pair of our warm fuzzy socks to make someone’s day.

Are you having guests during the holidays?

Why not have a pair of our Faux fuzzy Santa socks for each guest to make them feel at home?
So give a pair of our Microfiber Fuzzy Socks to someone you know, and don’t forget to get a pair for yourself.

You deserve the warm fuzzies too!

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