Beggin’ for Leggins’!

Fashion Leggings

Yes, leggingsare stronger than ever this fall.  With short skirts, boots and shoes of all heights and textures, leggings are the perfect fashion item for fall.

They are the oh- so comfortable thanks to a variety of great textures and colors and our friend, spandex. The good news is leggings are great for everyone if worn correctly.

To look your best in leggings, consider the following:

JLo in Leggings


  • Leggings should be worn as tights rather than pants. That’s why they are not called pants!
  • Wear longer tops or jackets that at are at least mid thigh-no one needs to see your tush, tummy, or midriff.
  • Balance them with the right footwear such as tall boots, ankle boots, and flats.
  • Choose textures and colors that blend, not compete with your jackets and tops.

Check out our exciting fall collection of leggings and other fall legwear choices.

You will love the great fit and great selection at a great value. You will certainly be “beggin’ for Foot Traffic leggins’!

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