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Once school starts, it is fall. No waiting until Sept. 22 to embrace the season. That’s why we post the LOOK BOOK  before fall is officially here. This season we shot our photos in the woods because we love nature and the wonderful feeling we get when we are outside enjoying all of the fun activities that fall has to offer. Whether it is camping out, tailgating, hiking, skateboarding or just enjoying the fresh air on a beautiful fall day, you should be comfortable and confident in whatever you are wearing so you can enjoy every moment.
At Foot Traffic, we love to layer. With a chill in the air and the opportunity to be outdoors, we layer our socks and boot socks over tights and leggings. There are so many fun options; our LOOK BOOK is just a sampling of ideas for you to create your own look that makes you feel good.
We have to give a shout out to the models—Shelby, Haley, Johnnie, and Chad— and our patient and talented photographer, Gary Rohman, who all worked tirelessly all day to bring us these incredible photos. Thanks also to Judy at E.J’s Boutique for lending us some of the beautiful sweaters worn at the shoot.
We hope you enjoy the 2104 FALL LOOK BOOK and use it as a source of “autumn inspiration” to put together creative looks for your fall activities!



elephant socks















I love elephants and have ever since I was a child. I used to collect books about elephants and my grandfather, who also loved elephants, would take me to the St. Louis Zoo to observe the magnitude of these amazing creatures. Elephants have been featured in art, folklore, religion and literature for centuries and are the source of family entertainment in zoos and the circus.
elephant photo

I prefer to think of elephants in their natural habitat, either in Asia or Africa. They share many human emotions such as grieving for the loss of their own, enjoy playful behavior, demonstrate long term memory, and have even been documented crying with joy or sadness. Their love of family endears me to this species as the mothers raise and protect their babies and often hang out in matrilineal family groups, all females helping to raise the babies. Male elephants tend to live alone or with other males and only come around during mating season. Sounds familiar.
While exploring the National Geographic history of the elephant, we were inspired to add a new elephant design to our Foot Traffic novelty sock collection. Beautiful grey elephants on a deep turquoise background with an orange heel, top and toe add a bit of exotic fun to our sock family. We think they look best when combined with bright colors… the more color the better!
Don’t forget to add a pair of elephant socks to your sock collection!

HOT DOG! It’s Football Season!

chad tailgate 2hot dog socksfootballIT’S TAILGATE TIME! Tailgating is definitely a weekend culture as fans gather around the back end of cars to share in the pre-game festivities of good cheer and good food. Tailgating has become a ritual for thousands of  game-day fans. Everything from hot dogs to gourmet grilled lobster can be found when experiencing the culinary variety of grilled, shared and devoured foods at tailgate parties across the country.
We like to think that whatever you are eating tastes better depending on what you are wearing to honor your favorite team. Besides the obvious team  t-shirts and sweat shirts, to add the celebration, wear a pair of our hot dog socks or our football socks. Either way, you will definitely add to the game day fun.
Designs are available in men’s hot dog and football socks and women’s hot dog and football socks so get several  pairs to share with your date or fellow tailgaters!

Here is an easy recipe for your tailgate party. It’s  a “weiner!”

Wrap one slice of bacon around each hot dog tucking in ends of the bacon slice to secure.
Grill 8-10 minutes turning to all sides until the bacon is done and the hot dogs are heated through
Drain on paper towel
Add bun and top with chopped tomatoes, onions, jalapenos, ketchup and mustard to complete the decadent offering




43.5 socksshameful dog with sock






I could not help but share the dog story that recently surfaced on the news. It was about a Great Dane that ate 43.5 socks and had to have surgery to remove the troublesome blockage. (
I took note because I too, had a large dog (black lab) that loved to eat socks. Fortunately he was able to organically eliminate the evidence  naturally and no surgery was required.
The reason I share this story is that I have written about socks that seem to be mysteriously missing their mates and upon careful investigation of the socks that were eaten by the Great Dane, there were no matching pairs that I could detect. That just raises your suspicions that whether you blame the sock monster in your washing machine or a sock thief for eating your socks and leaving you with mismatched pairs, take a careful look at your canine friend and see if there just might be a thread of evidence in his/her mouth. As a precaution, make sure you keep your socks picked up. They can be a mighty tasty snack.
On a personal note, I see that none of the “recovered socks” are FOOT TRAFFIC. We can only assume that the owner kept the Foot Traffic socks carefully tucked away in a sock drawer for special socks, those that are just too good to eat.


OMG! I just found out that International Bacon Day is celebrated the Saturday before Labor Day. I missed it! Fortunately, for those of you that missed it as well, it is never too late to celebrate such an occasion and prepare for next year. At Foot Traffic, we have you covered and offer men’s bacon socks  and women’s bacon socks to wear year round.  We would not want you to miss a minute of bacon fun every day of the year! To keep the (unofficial) holiday going, here is a recipe from Taste of Home for bacon that will send you over the moon—a combination of bacon and chocolate!  I know, can it get any better?!?


bacon covered chocolate
12 thick sliced bacon strips
12 wooded skewers ( 12”)
6 oz. white candy coating, chopped
1 cup semisweet chocolate
1 tbsp. shortening
(Optional toppings: chopped dried apple chips, apricots and crystallized ginger, finely chopped pecans and pistachios, toasted coconut, kosher salt, brown sugar, cayenne pepper and coarsely ground black pepper)
• Thread each bacon strip onto a wooden skewer. Place on a rack in a large baking pan. Bake at 400° for 20-25 minutes or until crisp. Cool completely.
• In a microwave, melt candy coating; stir until smooth. Combine chocolate chips and shortening; melt in a microwave and stir until smooth.
• With pastry brushes, coat bacon on both sides with melted coatings. Top each strip as desired. Place on waxed paper-lined baking sheets. Refrigerate until firm. Store in the refrigerator. Yield: 1 dozen.

Although International Bacon Day is a year away, bacon is in my refrigerator every day!



pencil website pencil socks modelalphabet socks













It’s back to school for kids of all ages. School marks the beginning of new experiences, new friends, and of course, new clothes! That includes socks. Yes, socks for every occasion. No-shows to wear with sneakers, novelty socks for fun, and of course the pencil knee highs and the ABC knee highs to commemorate the beginning of the new school year. And teachers, remember that your students will be watching what you wear, so don a pair of our ABC knee high socks or pencil socks and you will certainly get their attention!


black leggings
Which black leggings do I choose for which occasion?
At Foot Traffic, we know from the sales of our leggings and footless tights, leggings are here to stay. Women of all ages love our leggings because they are comfortable, easy to wear, and easy to dress up or down. Most women layer their leggings with tunics, sweaters, short dresses and short skirts but the need for coverage varies depending on the length of the top, the season, and the specific look one is trying to achieve. Opacity of black leggings can vary from sheer to thermal.
We  know that we need different leggings for different fashion situations. It can be confusing selecting the right leggings to coordinate with different outfits. Although at Foot Traffic we carry a variety of colors and designs, black is our best-selling color. However,  it is confusing which black leggings to buy!


Black Microfiber Footless Tights- Awesome fit and stretch due to 80% microfiber /20%spandex content; semi-opaque; great for under dresses and skirts; sheer enough to be dressy; year-round wear.
Black Perfect Pair Leggings- The perfect combination of great fitting nylon/spandex legs and a soft combed cotton panty to wick away moisture; no bulky seams so they are great under skirts and dresses; semi-opaque; sheer enough to be dressy; year-round wear.
Black Signature Cotton Leggings- Natural combed cotton fiber and superior construction for comfort and fit; great coverage; some see through at the knees and thighs as the cotton stretches; perfect for cooler weather; easy to wear under skirts and dresses and longer tunics; casual, natural  look and feel.
Black Premium Cotton- Microfiber Leggings- Same construction and quality as our Signature Cotton Leggings but with additional 45% microfiber which adds extra opacity, warmth, softness, and exceptional stretch; slightly thicker than the cotton leggings; perfect for cooler weather; casual look and feel.
Black Fleece Lined Leggings- Incredibly comfortable due to the stretch and super soft fleece lining; best worn in cool weather;  looks great with boots, short skirts and shorts; opaque enough for confident coverage; not intended to be worn as pants; casual look and feel.
Black Thermal Fleece Lined Leggings- With the incredible comfort and super softness of out black fleece lined leggings, our new thermal leggings are a bit thicker for additional warmth; great under long sweaters, jackets and tunics; totally opaque; perfect for cooler weather; great stretch for flexible fit; casual look and feel.
Black Ultimate Fashion Leggings- Most functional layering leggings we created because they are totally opaque for confident coverage yet dressy enough to wear under a skirt or with long tops/tunics; can be worn year round; cut and sewn construction creates great fit and comfort; workout worthy.
Black Skirted Leggings- The black skirted legging is different from the black ULTIMATE LEGGING as it has an additional feature—a 15” skirt that connects to the waistband for a built-in layer for additional coverage; sewn construction creates great fit and wear; great under long tops and tunics; totally opaque.
Basic Black Three Pack- Value pack that includes one each: Microfiber Footless Tights/ Signature Cotton Leggings/Fleece Lined Leggings; great variety of materials for a variety of fashion situations.

Our great selection of  black leggings covers all your fashion needs so let FOOT TRAFFIC be your favorite legwear resource.

Tell us how many pairs of black leggings you have!


Birkenstocks and socksBirkenstock sandals have waned in and out of popularity ever since they became available in America in 1967. Hippies and nature lovers claimed these shoes as their iconic footwear during the late 60’s and they surged again in popularity in the 90’s supporting the then popular grunge look, popularized by tree-hugging recycled-loving flannel shirt clad Generation Xers. According to the New York Times, between 1992 and 1994, Birkenstock sold more shoes than the previous 20 years combined. It helped that they diversified their look with new styles and colors. But, they were still the same clunky look…. yet comfortable and well-made.
The origin of the sandal dates back to the shoe making Birkenstock family in 1774. Since then the Birkenstock sandal evolved and the original prototype as we know it today was developed by Karl Birkenstock in 1964. The sandals are still made in Germany and still remain focused on supporting good foot health and alleviating foot pain caused by various shoe trends.
ashley-olsen-300x400Today, Birkenstock sandals are enjoying a resurgence as the clunky oh-so-comfortable sandals are being seen as “cool” and are  popularized by today’s trendy stars. Mary-Kate and Ashley Olsen clinched the trend when seen this past winter wearing ‘Stocks and socks in the airport. Heidi Klum designs footwear for Birkenstock, so you see, Birkenstocks are cool. Even J. Crew carries Birkenstocks in their catalog.
This morning, on CBS This Morning, an interview with Birkenstock USA managing Director and CEO, David Kahan, talked about the resurgence of the Birkenstock, challenged by Gayle and Nora on the fashion attributes of the shoe (or lack of). He revealed that although the classic Birkenstock sandal is iconic, they are working on more fashionable footwear  such as close toed shoes, heels or platforms, but never sacrificing comfort for fashion. That’s the Holy Grail– the look and feel of the Birkenstock in a fashionable shoe and that’s what’s coming in 2015.
Birkenstocks are the coolest when worn with socks. Some would argue that socks and sandals are not fashionable but ‘Stocks look best when worn with a fun pair of socks, for both men and women.  Socks are a way to add additional comfort and fun to the already awkward sandal. Whether you wear a heavy cotton sock in the winter or a fun novelty sock or lace trim anklet with your ‘Stocks in the summer, they look best with socks.
Although fashion matters at Foot Traffic, comfort comes first and we admit that it is great seeing so many stars, nurses, teachers and those on their feet opting for comfort and healthy feet first. But, don’t forget to wear socks!
Tell us what you think of Birkenstock sandals and socks.


groomsman giftI recently attended a family wedding and was excited to see what the groom was giving his groomsmen. The soon to be groom proudly showed me what he had put together as the gifts that he would be giving them at the rehearsal dinner. I thought it was so good, I want to  share it with your guys and brides-to-be as a practical yet fun idea for any wedding party.
He first had beautiful square hinged boxes made by an artist on Etsy that included a monogram on the lid. Inside the box, he added the socks and tie that he wanted the groomsmen to wear the next day.In this case, he selected the polka dot socks from Foot Traffic.  In addition, he added  a couple of cigars and a wedding specific beer coozy– everything a guy needs on the wedding day!
I thought it was brilliant because giving the guys the socks and tie the night before the wedding, they were less likely to loose them! And, they are great gifts.
Of course, the groom could include any other fun item in the box but I really thought the socks and tie were great.
Any other fun groomsmen gift ideas you’d like to share?


This summer we have invited a young sock enthusiast, TKP, to be one of our guest bloggers.  Look for her blogs every Tuesday as she shares her intern experiences in Chicago as well as playful thoughts about socks, one of her passions.
TKP’s Summer Blog #2











As we celebrated our great nation this past weekend, between the barbeques and fireworks I took a moment to reflect on the forefathers who took such important first steps for our country – in particular, how those steps were decorated! Our founding fathers knew all about the importance of fancy, functional footwear. While their wives and daughters were busy navigating bloomers and petticoats, George Washington, John Adams and co were rocking the original knee-highs. Can you imagine what the second continental congress would have looked like if the delegates had had access to foot traffic’s designs? Here’s how I think they would have socked it to King George.

1) George WashingtonMen’s Tuxedo Sockstuxedo socks
Yeah, I know Washington was a war hero and the first president and I could have gone a lot of different ways with this one. And there are valid cases to be made for all kinds of designs from American Flags, to dollar bills to cherry trees – but just for a second imagine George Washington doing all his awesome George Washington stuff WEARING TUXEDO SOCKS. Just think about it for a second. Crossing the Delaware – in tuxedo socks. Winning the American Revolution – in tuxedo socks. Chopping down the cherry tree – in tuxedo socks. Not lying about it – in tuxedo socks. Surviving winter at Valley Forge – in tuxedo socks — although we all know that he totally would have given them to one of his men to protect them from the deathly cold because that’s just the kind of thing that guys who wear tuxedo socks do.








genius2) Benjamin FranklinMen’s Math Genius Socks
Benjamin Franklin rocked in a lot of ways – he invented the library, he created the first public fire department, and if his face is on a piece of paper* you can use it to buy four 25 dollar gift cards to the store of your choice! But one of the coolest things about big Ben is that he had hardly any type of formal education and was still able to come up with awesome ideas like the Franklin stove, bifocal glasses, and a catheter (ew). And, as we all know – he also flew a kite in a rainstorm and electrocuted himself so… give this man some genius socks.








flames3.) John Adams- Men’s Flames Socks
John Adams was a notorious hothead and if the smash hit musical1776 and a lot of diary entries and letters from Thomas Jefferson are to be believed, everyone pretty much hated him. BUT his flames socks are also a tribute to the epic romance/partnership that he had with his wife Abigail. The two love birds wrote hundreds upon hundreds of letters back and forth while Adams was away founding America and whatnot. Hot head. Hot heart. Hot socks.

beer on the wall4) Samuel Adams - Men’s Beer on the Wall Socks











5) music notesThomas Jefferson - Men’s Music Notes Socks
In addition to writing the Declaration of Independence and plenty of other beautiful prose, Jefferson was also an avid violinist. He was pretty much an artist of all sorts which is probably the reason he had a reputation for being sort of moody and quiet and weird sometimes. That’s cool Tom, we don’t want any treble.









6) Caesar RodneyMen’s Watches Socks

Rodney is one of the unsung heroes of the Second Continental Congress. Basically what happened was that everyone was voting on the Declaration and Delaware’s other two delegates were split on their vote. Arriving just in the nick of time (get it.. because of the watches…) Rodney broke the tie of the Delaware delegates (say that five times fast) voting in favor of the Declaration of Independence. Have some socks, Caesar – thanks for the freedom and stuff.





7keep calm) Paul RevereKeep Calm and Carry On Socks
Get it? It’s irony.








8) John Hancock – Men’s Bacon Socks
The man walked up to a piece of parchment and formalized high treason by signing his name with a bawdy emphatic flourish that took up half the space so that “the king would be able to see it without his spectacles.” Like… I mean… guys…

Happy July, Everyone!

One small step for man,

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